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Learn more about the Elite Roof and Solar team and what sets us apart from the competition

Our Story

Elite Roofing was started in 2012 based upon the opportunity to provide superior service to clients in the roofing industry. With roofing contractors historically not known for great service, the founders focused heavily on high-quality workmanship, honesty, and high levels of customer service while performing Roof Repairs, Roof Installations, and Gutter Replacements. This focus on serving the customer helped Elite Roofing succeed in becoming a GAF Master Elite Certified Contractor and achieved an A+ Better Business Bureau rating. It also allowed the company to grow and expand from the Lake Norman area to cover all of the Charlotte, Hickory, and Boone markets.

In 2019, Mick Koster and Ross Erickson joined forces to acquire Elite Roof and Solar along with investor Don Miller. Mick & Ross left behind two perfectly cromulent corporate America executive roles to leverage their experiences building and scaling businesses to help embiggen Elite Roofing to the next level. Mick, most recently an executive at Lowe’s and a Notre Dame graduate, and Ross, most recently COO at ETAK Systems and a West Point graduate, are focused on being the best possible stewards of the Elite brand.

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They are committed to continuing to deliver the excellent workmanship Elite is known for, to bring new products and technologies to market to improve the customer experience, and to expand the brand to new market opportunities. Don Miller is a Board member and is bringing more than 40 years of experience in alternative energy, including nuclear, wind, and solar, to help guide Elite and develop the right strategy. Combined, the ownership team is driven by a strong belief in the opportunity that solar energy will revolutionize the roofing industry and intend to guide Elite along that journey to be the leader in the Carolinas for solar and roofing solutions for many years to come.

Our Team

Mick Koster

Co-owner, Board of Directors

Ross Erickson

Co-owner, Board of Directors

Don Miller

Board of Directors

Adam Earls

Repair Technician

Kyle Fort

Market Area Manager


Ned Hunt

Market Area Manager

Ashe, Avery, Wilkes Counties

Jake Jerles

Market Area Manager

Charlotte & South Carolina

Ryann Jones

Market Area Manager

Boone & Blowing Rock

Rick Moser

Market Area Manager

Hickory, Asheville

Elijah Plemmons

Market Area Manager


Joey Tait

Customer Service Representative

Kyle Stahler

Market Area Manager
Charlotte & South Carolina

Andy Wohl

Market Area Manager

Asheville & South Carolina

Amanda Wood

Sales and Operations Specialist

Four Legged Team

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Roof and Solar Super Dog


Roofing Trainee


Chief Chimney Checker


Field Operations Assistant


Boone Area Supervisor


Roofus’ Stunt Double


Office Boss


Scheduling Supervisor

MAK’n Tosh

Roof Herders


Leaky Roof Empathizer


Chief Napper


Solar Roof Advocate


Neighborhood Roof Inspector

Marshall, Turbo, Tracker, Everest

Roofing Crew

family making roof symbol over childs head

Our Purpose

The Elite Way
The Elite Roof and Solar team is driven by a singular purpose – to put a smile on our neighbors’ faces by protecting their families and homes with a safe, beautiful, and innovative roof over their heads.

It’s why we are excited each day to do what we do, and have pride in doing it. It’s why we never cut corners with our installations or offer sub-standard products. It’s why we greet our customers with a smile and never pass up an opportunity to share a laugh. It’s what drives us to continuously improve – never being afraid to learn about or offer the most innovative products, technologies, and services to our customers. And it’s through that improvement that we can make our neighbors’ lives better, help us lessen the impact we have on our environment and put a smile on their face and ours. It’s what we call “The Elite Way”.

Our award-winning team of roofing professionals is here to guide you and serve you every step of that journey – helping make your roofing experience as simple and easy as it can be. We hope you’ll trust us to be your roofing contractor and serve your needs.

What makes an Elite Roof different than the competition?

As we’ve developed our company and our approach to serving customers, we have also developed what we believe to be the best roofing sales process, highest quality products,  workmanship, and customer service in the market…hence what we call an “Elite Roof”.

It’s one of the ways we differentiate ourselves from all of the “Chuck and a Truck” roofers out there. In most of these cases, Chuck’s products, services, and installation quality are significantly worse in ways that many customers may not notice, but roofing professionals do.

While some roofers will not be guilty of all of these sins of installation, most of the competition we have encountered will be guilty of several.  Once a contract is signed, Chuck’s focus shifts to minimizing costs and limiting the material selections and installation procedures that the average customer is not aware of, but which jeopardizes the long-term durability of your new roof.  

Here are just some of the ways an Elite Roof is the best money can buy.

Elite Roof “Chuck and a Truck” Roof
Measurements Satellite combined with onsite measurement of your entire property (including drone measurements in some cases) to ensure the most accurate estimates and material orders. Commitment to no additional charges for any estimating errors made by Elite. Loose hand measuring or “eyeballing” properties. Gives you a quote on the spot…but will then come back to negotiate for additional funds for extra needed materials after the contract has been signed and installation begun.
Material Delivery Ongoing communication to notify you of scheduled material delivery dates and any special requirements for your home. Material delivered unannounced and blocks access to your garage, home, or driveway.
Site Prep Areas around your home are tarped and protected, assistance moving any large items making sure to minimize the impact of roof removal Little to no site prep, fingers crossed no damage occurs to the items around your home’s perimeter
Old Roof Removal Prior roofing material removed, deposited in trailers, and removed from site at end of each day Material thrown everywhere, left on site overnight, dumpsters left blocking access to your home
Roof Deck Inspection and Repair Any damage noted, repaired, and documented with pictures wherever possible Won’t take the time to repair rotted or damaged, decking. Places felt paper immediately over sub-standard wood to hide damage
Drip edge Drip edge replaced as required to help reduce shingle blowoff and water damage Skips installing drip edge to lower cost and shorten the installation time required. Roof and fascia now are at further risk of long-term damage
Ice and Water Protection Installed in all valleys and penetrations to maximize your roof’s integrity and help keep it from leaking Bare minimum of cut-rate product installed or skipped entirely in place of cheaper roofing felt. Valleys and vents installation skipped to minimize costs
Roofing Felt Only uses long-lasting, durable synthetic roofing felt for a better water-resistant barrier Uses the cheapest black paper felt on the market to minimize costs
Starter Strip Shingles Specifically designed starter shingles installed on both rakes and eaves to help protect against wind damage and water penetration Flips regular shingles upside down to install the first row only
Architectural Shingles GAF’s top-of-the-line shingles with the best material defect, algae protection, and wind warranties all ordered from a single distributor to ensure color integrity. Delivered multiple days in advance to ensure we have all materials necessary. Installed with 6 nails per shingle to improve sealing and leak protection. Installs the cheapest shingles they can find from 3rd rate manufacturers, “black is black, right?”. Or buys color mis-matched lots from multiple big box distributors that show up to your job at the last minute or even late. This will result in a different appearance across your roof. No wind rating, no algae protection. Installed with 3-4 nails per shingle to speed their install and lower their costs.
Ridge Vents and Caps Specifically designed vents and caps to improve ventilation, extend the life of your roof, and protect against blowing snow and rain Lowest cost vents and re-used / left-over shingles to finish out the installation
Final Site Inspections Elite roofing team multi-point inspections to ensure proper installation and a clean job site Once the roofers leave, you’ll never see them or your salesperson again
Warranty Stands behind our work with a GAF Silver Pledge 10-year workmanship warranty standard and optional 25-year Golden Pledge warranty. Always ready to resolve a customer issue. Little to no workmanship warranty. Ducks your calls if you discover a roof leak after the installation is complete.

So in summary – don’t get Stuck with Chuck! Choose an Elite Roof from Elite Roof and Solar and sleep easy – tonight and for years to come – knowing that you’ve chosen the very best.

Why else you should choose Elite Roof and Solar out of the other roofing companies


GAF 3 Star President's Club Winner - the "Best of the Best" roofing contractor - 1 of only 2 in the Carolinas and one of only 30 in the country

GAF Master Elite Contractor (top 2% of roofing companies)

Multi-year President’s Club Winner, licensed General Contractor (North Carolina GC License #86649, South Carolina GC License #124124)


Roofers you Can Trust - Trusted by over 5,000+ customers in the Carolinas’ as their solar roofing company of choice


Veteran owned and operated – ask us about our Military & First Responder Discounts*


Greater Peace of Mind – lifetime material warranties, 10-year workmanship warranty standard, and optional 25-year workmanship warranty available** The best warranties available in the market, lifetime material warranties, and 10 and 25-year workmanship warranties available**


Selected by GAF as an exclusive solar installer for GAF Timberline Solar Shingles


We work with the majority of insurance companies to help you navigate their processes


Payment Plans Available – very few people save up thousands of dollars for a new roof. Monthly payment options are available to make your project fit your budget**


Choose the Elite Roof and Solar team to get an Elite Roof - The highest quality, most innovative, and beautiful products combined with the best workmanship and customer service

*Must be able to demonstrate active duty or retired military service
**Warranties provided through manufacturer or third-party provider where available

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