The Best Roof and Solar Installers in the Carolinas

The Most Innovative Solar Panels on the Market

Elite Roof & Solar is an EXCLUSIVE Solar Installers of GAF’s Timberline solar energy system for the Carolinas.

If you want solar, call Elite Roof & Solar!

Elite Roofing is a strong believer in the benefits solar energy can provide both residential and commercial customers alike.  We also believe that solar energy will revolutionize the roofing industry – new developments in performance, durability, battery storage, and improved aesthetic options (such as integrated solar shingle systems) will mean customers no longer have to sacrifice appearance for performance.

Why Solar Panels? Why Solar Energy? Why a Solar Roof?

Solar Energy Helps the Environment

We all want to do our part to help the environment, and solar is a great way to help further reduce our carbon footprint and greenhouse gas emissions.  WIth integrated solar panels using GAF Energy’s Timberline Solar Shingles from Elite Roof & Solar, there is now an easy and affordable way to have solar and not risk the integrity of your roof.

Solar Power = Own Your Power

Electricity costs are a large portion of most people’s monthly expenses. By installing a Solar Energy System, the electrical power generated by your new Solar Energy System will reduce or may eliminate the need to purchase electricity from your utility provider.  When coupled with storage batteries, you also lessen your reliance on the grid and can help protect your home in the event of power outages.

Solar Systems Avoid Rising Energy Costs

Electricity prices seem to almost never go down and only up, correct? By investing in a solar energy system now and choosing Elite Roof & Solar as your solar installers, you can help lower the amount you pay for electricity today and help protect against future increases in electricity costs.

Solar Panels – More Affordable Than You Think!

With Elite Roof & Solar’s offerings, the more you produce and use your own electricity, the less you purchase. Depending upon your system’s design, solar may even pay for itself AND your new roof, via monthly electric bill savings and government incentives. With the new GAF Timberline Solar system Should you sell your home in the future, a home with a solar energy system will sell for more than a home without.

Our Solar Energy Offering

Elite Roof & Solar is proud to be exclusive solar installers of GAF’s Timberline Solar Shingles, the most innovative, award-winning (solar panel system in the market! See more accolades here.

Benefits of GAF’s Solar Panels:


Better Roof integrity - GAF’s Timberline Solar panels lay flat, directly on the decking and integrated with their roofing shingles. It’s a true Solar Roof System.

  • We install both your solar panels and your new roof at the same time – roof installers and solar installers combined to make a more efficient and cost-effective process!
  • Reduced risk of leaks, better water shedding integrity – because all of the components are from GAF, the system is fully integrated to reduce your risk of leaking

Similar solar panel generation to traditional photovoltaic (PV) panels with none of the drawbacks

  • Appearance – better curb appeal – lays flat, no visible “white grid” pattern
  • No birds or squirrels nesting on your roof since the solar panel is flat to the decking!
  • 99% Home Compatibility – solar shingles have the the same compatibility as asphalt shingles

One Solar Roof System Warranty - 25 Year Warranty for both the roof and for solar energy generation!

  • Both warranties are from GAF – meaning you don’t have to worry about the Solar company and the roofing company finger-pointing about any future issues
  • Peace of mind – no fly-by-night solar companies that could be out of business next year – GAF has been in business for over 100 years!

Buying a Solar System – What is the Process?

Step 1: Contact Elite Roof & Solar

Buying a solar panel roof system may seem intimidating, but Elite Roof & Solar combined with GAF Energy makes it easy.

If you are ready to replace your roof and are thinking about adding solar, then simply contact Elite Roof & Solar.

Our Market Area Managers will discuss your wants and needs, and perform a site assessment to see if solar is right for you.  We will present you with an estimated solar energy size and generation amount (a baseline system is ~6.5 kW), and a proposal that includes the costs, information on your federal and state incentives, and unique elements of your custom solar roof system.

Step 2: Solar system setup

Once you’ve accepted and signed your contract, then there is a 3 phase process that Elite Roof & Solar working together with GAF Energy walks you through to get your system permitted, installed, and generating!

Step 3: Experience your new solar system!

Then it’s time to smile! Experience the joy and freedom having your solar roof installed and generating electricity can provide. You will be able to access your system from your mobile phone or desktop.