Why Hiring Only Licensed Roofing Contractors is Important

Jan 14, 2022

All roofers are licensed roofing contractors, right? Wrong! What many people don’t realize is that roofing contractors are actually not required to have either a Roofing License or a broader General Contractor (GC) license to operate in the State of North Carolina unless a certain job price threshold is crossed.  The average contractor that you find on a Google search for “roofers near me” are very rarely going to be one of the few licensed roofing contractors. 

These low barriers to entry mean essentially that any person off of the street can claim to be a roofing contractor with no training or expertise in the industry.  Yikes! That is scary! You wouldn’t build a new home with an unlicensed contractor, right? Then why would you trust repairing or replacing your roof with an unlicensed contractor (and especially someone that just walked up and knocked on your door out of the blue).  You shouldn’t! 

Some of the knowledge that licensed roofing contractors need to know
Being one of the few licensed roofing contractors requires a LOT of knowledge and expertise.

Elite Roofing – Licensed Roofing Contractors and Licensed General Contractors

Elite Roofing is one of the few roofing contractors that actually have both a Roofing Specialty License and the more broad and even more difficult to obtain General Contractor Building license (License #86649).  These licenses enable Elite Roofing to execute construction projects of nearly any size, shape, and form for both residential and commercial properties.  With that said, our focus continues to be on being the best Roofing and Solar contractor in the Carolinas and these licenses are further proof of that commitment.

The stated purpose of licensing by the North Carolina Licensing Board of General Contractors is to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public. Elite Roofing is committed to that purpose, and it is why both co-owners Ross Erickson and Mick Koster qualified for, prepared for, passed all of the examinations for, and now serve as the official Licensing Qualifiers for the business. 

The preparation was significant as it involves multiple letters of recommendations, an intensive financial assessment of the business to ensure we have the capital available to execute projects of any size / $ amount, and significant trade focused research, studying, and being tested on over 10,000 pages of codes, specifications, and requirements. We made this investment of time and energy to give our customers even greater peace of mind that when they pick Elite Roofing they are choosing the best roofing and solar contractor in the market.

Licensed roofing contractors knowledge sources
Over 10,000 pages of material in just the approved sources for licensed roofing contractors and licensed general contractors to be tested on.

Licensed Roofing Contractors Requirements

Having a Licensed Roofing Contractor work on your home means they have met these stringent requirements:

  • Entrance Requirements – Licenses ensure that those practicing a trade have met a minimum set of qualifications, such as experience, training, and required examinations
  • Standards of Practice – Contractors are required to adhere to standards of practice established by law.  These workmanship standards ensure an appropriate level of quality is given to the public.  Continue education is required as well to ensure the contractors stay abreast of the latest laws, regulations, and practices of the trade
  • Disciplinary Authority – Statutes define illegal and prohibited activities.  Licensing authorities have a mechanism to conduct investigations and administer discipline to problem contractors.  Violations of the general contracting laws and regulations may result in penalties including suspension and revocation of license.

In short, a licensed roofing contractor such as Elite Roofing gives you greater protection and peace of mind that we will do the job to the best standards and practices that exist in the industry. 

Door Knockers? Shut the Door!

So if someone who claims to be from a roofing company knocks on your door, be wary! Or if you call multiple roofing companies to bid on your project, make sure to ask each if they are licensed roofing contractors (and look up online or ask to see a copy of their license here!).  If they are not one, that should be a red flag that you need to take into consideration when having any work done to your home.

Elite Roofing – Roofers you can Trust!   (License #86649)

At Elite Roofing, we pride ourselves on serving you in a professional and trustworthy manner.  We bring together a broad, deep team of roofing experts knowledgeable in some of the latest technologies and most innovative products to help you get the most of your current roof, and when it’s time to replace your roof, choose the best products for a long-lasting roof you can count on.  It’s why we have been fortunate to serve over 5,000+ customers since our beginnings back in 2012 and strive to always be the “best roofers near me” for every customer in NC. 

With a passion for customer service and with offices in Charlotte, Boone, Hickory, Winston-Salem, Asheville, and our headquarters in Davidson, NC we always strive to be the best of the “roofing companies near me” and the only one that you will ever need.