Meet Roofus℠!

Check out Roofus’ amazing superpower! Way to go Roofus!
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Meet Roofus℠ – the
Elite Roof and Solar dog!

Choose the Elite Roof and Solar team to get an Elite Roof!

Roofus is a very special dog. He has a superpower. He can sniff out roofs in trouble, and he knows when roofs are done right.

Roofus can sniff out roofs that need replacement, are leaking, or soon will be due to simple aging and weather, inferior materials, or poor workmanship. Once Roofus identifies a roof that is in need of help, he and Timmy bring in the Elite Roof and Solar team of experts to help you fix or replace your roof with only the best materials and craftsmanship in the market.

Then when the Elite Roof and Solar team has completed your roof or solar roof installation, Roofus helps our team with the final certification to ensure it’s up to our exacting standards…those standards are what make your roof an “Elite Roof”. Your new roof is now “Roofus Certified” and you can enjoy your new roof worry free for years to come.

“Raaaaaaay!” 🙂


Receive your own Roofus℠!

Roof replacement customers may receive a Roofus stuffed animal upon request*
*When supplies are available